The many clans of dwarves in Krynn


Many of the dwarves of Krynn divide themselves into clans. Over time, these clans have grown so large that they are more like castes. One is born to one’s clan, which will define much of the dwarf’s life from that point on.

Ostensibly Thorbardin is ruled by a council of clan leaders from each of the clans. In practice, the Hylar have been in control for as long as most can remember.

Hylar consider themselves to be the highest of the dwarves, born to rule. The great dwarven hero Kharas is said to have been the founder of this clan.

Daewar are skilled crafters and warriors, and often serve as Hylar muscle. PC mountain dwarves are assumed to come from this clan.

Theiwar are the leaders of the ‘dark’ dwarves, the ones who almost never venture outside of Thorbardin, and have not historically. They all acknowledge Reorx, but not all worship him.

Daergar are the relatively simplistic, brutal enforcers of dwarven-kind. Ruthless and blunt.

Aghar are one of the three low clans of dwarves. Aghar are like untouchables, and they are charged with all of the unclean, menial tasks in dwarven society.

Neidar are “hill dwarves”, currently outcastes among dwarves. According to the Hylar, their seat is controlled by the Hylar until they choose to return.

Zhakar are a sad, secret clan of dwarves. They are pariahs, and seem to universally suffer from some kind of fungal infection.



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