Holy Guardians

The military order of the Seeker faith


The Holy Guardians are the military order of the Seeker faith. Something like the Solamnic Knights of old, but a modern version with a different code. They provide personal protection for the Theocrats and other priests of the New Gods and enforce the law in Theocrat-controlled towns.

They have a tense relationship with the Fewmaster and his goblins.

Holy Guardian, lawful neutral human CR 1/4
AC 14 (leather and shield)
HP 16 (3d8 +3)
Str +1, Con +1, Int -1
Longsword +3 1d8 +1 slashing
Guardian defense: if in 5’ of a theocrat, the holy guardian can interpose himself or his shield, granting +2 AC even after the result of a roll is declared

Like the goblins, the holy guardians work in teams of two (personal guards) or four (units)


Holy Guardians

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