Lorac Caladon


King Lorac Caladon, lawful neutral silvanesti elf wizard (abjurer) 12
AC 11
HP 42 (12d6)
Str +2, Dex +1, Con +0, Int +3, Wis +1, Cha +3
Spell save DC 16, spell attack +8

The Dragon Orb causes him to use his magical ability to twist Silvanesti: create undead (ghouls), flesh to stone, guards and wards, move earth, programmed illusion, wall of stone, seeming, planar binding (elemental, fey, fiend), dream (Cyan), cloudkill, phantasmal killer (phantasms Int save 1d6 per round), faithful hound, hallucinatory terrain (lots of this), fabricate, conjured elementals

Bound planars: sea hag, green hag, twisted dryads, satyrs, sprites, pixies and blink dogs; all the fiends in the world, taking nightmare forms; swarms of mephits, invisible stalkers

Other denizens: awakened shrubs, blood hawks, flying snakes, stirges, blights, swarms of ravens, giant wasps, harpies, ankhegs, awakened trees, ettercaps, swarms of poisonous snakes, owlbears, werewolves, shambling mounds, evil treants


Lorac Caladon

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