Realgar, Thane of the Theiwar clan


Realgar is even more twisted than other Theiwar, stunted with overly-large dark eyes. He is reputed to be a master of arcane magic.

Realgar, medium dwarf warlock (archfiend Hiddukel) 10, neutral evil; CR 5
AC 13 (chain)
HP 45 (10d8 10)
Str +1, Dex +0, Con +1, Int +2, Wis -1, Cha +2
Sunlight sensitivity, passive DC 13, darkvision 120’
Pact of the blade: sword +5 1d8 +1
Invocations: +1 more, agonizing blast (
2 to eldritch blast damage), gaze of two minds (see thru another’s eyes), one with shadows (move action to turn invisible in shadow), thirsting blade (2 attacks with pact blade)
Dark One’s Blessing: when you take down an opponent you get 12 temp hp
Dark One’s Own Luck: you can add a d10 to a d20 roll
Fiendish Resilience: resistance to one kind of damage selected at long rest (default fire)
Spells known: (10) contact other plane, scrying
dimension door, banishment
dispel magic, hunger of hadar, tongues
Cantrip: eldritch blast (2 targets) 6 1d10 +2 force damage 120’
Innate magic: enlarge self, invisibility
Pact blade +4 1d8
1 (5) x2
CR 5ish



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