Solostaran Kanan

Speaker of the Sun and ruler of the Qualinesti


Solostaran is tall, golden-haired and green-eyed, and the ruler of the Qualinesti elves. He is widely regarded as both good and fair, and is loth to risk the lives of elves unless it is absolutely necessary.

Solostaran, LG qualinesti elf, 10HD
HP 55 (10d8 +10)


Solostaran’s wife is reclusive and little is known, or at least said, about her. His family includes Porthios, his older son, Gilthanas, his younger son, Laurana, his daughter and the youngest of the three. Tanis Half-Elven also grew up in Qualinost, though he has not lived there for a long time.

Solostaran Kanan

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