Character Creation

Races of Krynn

From the PHB: dwarves (hill and mountain), Elves (high and wood), humans, gnomes (rock), half-elves. High elves can be either Qualinesti or Silvanesti; wood elves are Kagonesti. Rock gnomes are Tinker Gnomes, and the ones prone to adventure are likely the “Mad” ones. See about kender below.


Ability Score Increase. Dexterity increases by 2.
Age. Kender age slightly more slowly than the average human.
Alignment. Kender tend toward chaotic good, and kender PCs must be good-aligned.
Size. Kender are about 4 feet tall and 50 or so pounds.
Speed. Base speed is 25.
Lucky. When you roll a 1, you can re-roll it and must take the new result.
Fearless. Kender are immune to fear.
Instead of nimbleness, Taunt. Kender gain visious mockery as a spell-like ability. Save DC is based on Charisma. Kender can use their taunt ability 3 times per long rest.
Languages. You can speak, read and write both Common and Kenderspeak.
There are no subraces of kender.

Kender Player Ground-Rules

  1. No stealing from the other PCs. This is an out-of-character rule that you can justify in-character however you want. This includes going ahead of everyone and taking treasure that is meant for all of the PCs to split. If you do go ahead and rummage, roll on the trinket table, or accept whatever junk the DM gives you.
  2. Any equipment that could fit in the palm of your hand might at any point disappear, reappear or be replaced, with the exception of items crucial to the current story and your favorite tool and weapon. Frequent use of the trinket table is recommended.
  3. If you decide to have your character rush heedless into danger (being immune to fear), the rest of the group is totally justified in letting you die, get lost, get eaten, etc. rather than risk all of their characters chasing after you. The thing with kender – they have a short life expectancy. They can have a touching funeral while you’re making a new character.
  4. You must be Good-aligned. Though Neutral or Evil kender may exist in the world, they are NPCs.
  5. You must roleplay your taunts, because they will probably be hilarious.
  6. You must have some agreed-upon mutual connection with at least one of the other characters.
  7. Everyone at the table has to be OK with you playing a kender. Any player has a veto, no questions asked, when you float the idea. But you can mention these rules when you do, as it will probably help make your case.

Classes in Krynn

Barbarian, bard, fighter, ranger, rogue, sorcerer (rogue wizard), warlock (rogue wizard), wizard. No clerics, druids, monks or paladins in Krynn during this Age without some extraordinary justification.

The Towers of High Sorcery exist to control and regulate the use of arcane magic on Krynn. Normally a spellcaster must pass the Test of High Sorcery before they are able to learn 3rd level arcane spells. Spellcasters who are not already being trained at a Tower will draw the attention of any wizards they meet. White mages will try to convince them to join peacefully; black mages might threaten their lives; red mages will negotiate, and explain the consequences. Bards, sorcerers, wizards and powerful eldritch knights or arcane tricksters will fall under the authority of the Towers.


(May be subject to changes)
Handtalk, Hammertalk (Dwarves), Thieves’ cant, Common, Draconian (Draconic dialect), Draconic, Lizardfolk (no writing), Hill Dwarf (dialect), Mountain Dwarf (dialect), Ancient Elven, Qualinesti Elven (dialect), Silvanesti Elven (dialect), Kagonesti Elven, Dargoi Elven (aquatic), Abanasinian, Ergot, Solamnic, Kharolian, Lemish, Goblin, Kothian (Minotaurs), Modern Ogre, Nerakese (Istar, Draconians), Gnomish, Irda, Kenderspeak (dialect), Ancient Ogre, Sylvan, Jargonese (tinker gnomes dialect)

Krynn Backgrounds

Plainsfolk (subset of Outlander)
You come from one of the “barbarian” tribes of Abanasinia, and can traverse those lands and find shelter and hospitality as long as you don’t bring evil with you.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Leatherworker’s, potter’s, weaver’s or woodcarver’s tools.
Languages: Add your native language in addition to any others, likely a tribal dialect

Qualinesti (added to any other Background as descriptor)
Skill Proficiencies: You may replace one with Nature
Tool Proficiencies: You may replace one with Woodcarver’s tools or a musical instrument
Languages: replace one with Qualinesti Elven

You were driven from your homeland, wherever that was, at an early age and have grown up on the road, fleeing dragonarmies and goblinkind, and living in various communities as an outsider.

Skill Proficiencies: Perception and Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Choose one among tinker’s tools, disguise kit or navigator’s tools; or pick one you used to get by on the road
Languages: if you do not normally know Common, you know it now, in addition to another language

Seeker (subset of Charlatan)
You are, or were, a Seeker of Haven, one of the followers of the new gods.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Religion
Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher’s supplies or one musical instrument
Languages: one additional language of your choice, likely Abanasinian

Silvanesti (added to any other Background as descriptor)
Skill Proficiencies: You may replace one with Arcana
Tool Proficiencies: You may replace one with Jeweler’s tools, a gaming set, or a musical instrument
Languages: Replace one with Silvanesti Elven

Solamnic Lineage (Variant Noble: Knight)
You begin play with a suit of armor for free, up to and including plate armor and a steel shield.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: Smith’s tools, Gaming set or musical instrument of your choice
Languages: Replace one with Solamnic

Character Creation

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