Holy Orders of the Stars

True holy symbols are self-propagating, whatever form they might take. At the beginning of the War of the Lance, there are no true clerics.

Otherwise, PHB pg. 295.

The 21 true gods and their domains (where applicable): primary, secondary; and possible artifacts for PC clerics.

The Gods of Good

Branchala: Light, Trickery (artifact musical instrument)
The lord of light and of music, beloved of the elves and of artists and musicians. His constellation is the Harp.

Habbakuk: Nature, Tempest (shillelagh)
The fisher king and the kingfisher, patron of animals, rangers and druids. Also honored by Knights of the Crown in Solamnia. His constellation is the Phoenix.

Kiri-Jolith: War (an ancestral shield or sword)
God of strength, war and justice, especially in defense of the weak. Bison-headed deity (his constellation) of those who fight for the cause of good in the world.

Majere: Knowledge (an artifact from a dead master)
God of disclipline, contemplation and enlightenment. His constellation is the Rose.

Mishakal: Knowledge, Life (the blue crystal staff)
The Blue Lady and goddess of healing, her constellation is the symbol for Infinity, like two teardrops touching at their points.

Paladine: War, Light (an ancestral shield or sword)
Known as the Valiant Warrior and Platinum Dragon, Paladine is the god of majesty and the leader of the gods of good. His constellation is the Platinum Dragon.

Solinari: None. Solinari is the silvery moon in the night sky.

The Gods of Neutrality

Chislev: Life, Nature (a wand made of antler)
She is the goddess of instinct and the wild. She has no constellation, but is represented by the planet Chislev in the night sky.

Gilean: Knowledge (glasses of true-seeing)
Gilean is the god of knowledge and of neutrality itself. His constellation is the Book of Souls, and in the night sky he stands between the Platinum Dragon and the Five-Headed Dragon. Above all else for Gilean is the Balance, and he changes sides to maintain it.

Lunitari: None. Lunitary is the large red moon in the night sky.

Reorx: Knowledge (Craft subset) (blacksmith’s tools)
Reorx is beloved especially of dwarves, and is the god of all crafters and builders. He has no constellation, but is represented by the bright red star Reorx, which is his forge.

Shinare: Knowledge, Trickery (an ancient gold coin)
Goddess of oaths, negotiation and partnerships, Shinare is also a planet in the night sky.

Sirrion: Light, Nature (a ruby ring or necklace)
The Flowing Flame or the Alchemist, Sirrion is the god of fire and transformation. He is symbolized by the planet Sirrion in the night sky.

Zivilyn: Nature, Knowledge (an artifact seed that must be planted in a specific place)
As Habbakuk is the god of animals, Zivilyn is the god of plant life. He is known as the Wise one or Tree of Life, and does not take sides in any conflict.

The Gods of Evil

Chemosh: Death
Known as the Lord of Bones or the Life Bane, Chemosh is symbolized by the constellation of the Goat’s Skull. He is the god of fatalism

Hiddukel: Trickery
Symbolized by the Broken Scales, Hiddukel is the god of exploitation. He is known as the Betrayer.

Morgion: Death, Trickery
Known as the Black Wind or the Rat King, Morgion is the god of disease and decay. His constellation is the Diseased Hood, and his clerics go about shrouded and hooded and invariably carry terrible disease in their wake.

Nuitari: None.

Sargonnas: War, Nature
The Red Condor, Firebringer and Bull God, Sargonnas is the patron of the minotaurs (who name him Sargas) and consort to Takhisis. He is the god of war, wrath and revenge, and his constellation is the Condor.

Takhisis: War, Trickery
The Queen of Darkness, Many-Headed Dragon and Seductress, Takhisis is the queen of the evil gods. She is always striving to enter the world and rule it. Her constellation is the Five-Headed Dragon.

Zeboim: Tempest, War
The Sea Witch and Dragon Turtle, Zeboim represents the power of strife. She is the goddess of storms and is literally and figuratively tempestuous. Her constellation is the Dragon Turtle.

Knowledge (Artifice) Domain

Knowledge (Artifice) Domain Spells

1st command, identify, shield of faith
3rd augury, suggestion find traps, knock
5th meld into stone, nondetection, speak with dead
7th arcane eye, confusion fabricate, Mordenkainen’s (Reorx’s) private sanctum
9th legend lore, scrying wall of stone

Blessing of Knowledge (Artifice)

At 1st level, you are proficient with two additional tools in addition to two of the following skills: Arcana, History, Nature or Religion. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check using the two selected tools.

Channel Divinity

Knowledge of the Ages (unchanged)

Channel Divinity: Read Thoughts Locate Object

At 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity ability to locate an object, as per the Locate Object spell. In addition, after you have found the object, for 10 minutes per cleric level, you are proficient with it.

Potent Spellcasting (unchanged)

Visions of the Past (unchanged)

Or, alternately,

Mansion of the Gods

At 17th level, after 10 minutes of prayer and supplication, you are able to conjure a vast dwelling like one you would find in your deity’s home plane. This ability is essentially Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion.


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