Knights of Solamnia

“Est Sularus oth Mithas.”

“My honor is my life.”

- Oath of the Knights of Solamnia

The Knights of Solamnia stand as the greatest order of chivalry in Ansalon. Founded by Vinas Solamnus in 1775 PC, in response to a vision sent by Paladine, Kiri-Jolith, and Habbakuk, the Knights of Solamnia are dedicated to the protection of Solamnia and Ansalon, service to the gods of Good, and above all to the ideals of honor. While there have been examples of corruption and disgrace among the Solamnic Knights, they have also given rise to some of Ansalon’s greatest heroes, such as Huma Dragonbane and Sturm Brightblade.

The Measure divides the Knights of Solamnia into three orders—the Knights of the Crown, the Knights of the Sword, and the Knights of the Rose.

Knights of Solamnia

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