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The Age of Despair

Age of Despair is a reboot of the classic Dragons of Autumn Twilight storyline for Dragonlance, as released for AD&D. The reboot will include adaptations for 5th Edition D&D. The PCs begin as residents of Solace in the lands of Abanasinia, on the continent of Ansalon, in the world of Krynn.

Character Creation

Realms of Ansalon

Krynn-specific Creatures and specific rules for Monsters

The forgotten Gods who abandoned the world, now remembered only as constellations in the night sky.

Important Places

In Solace, the Inn of the Last Home, nearby Crystalmir Lake and Darken Wood
Haven, the center of the Seeker religion and their Theocrats
The Tower of Wayreth, the only remaining of the five ancient Towers of High Sorcery
The town of Gateway
The plainsfolk village of Que-Kiri
The ruins of Xak Tsaroth which was once a holy city of the old gods

Powerful Factions

The Knights of Solamnia
The Wizards of High Sorcery
The Seekers of Haven and their New Gods

Items and Artifacts of Legend

The Tome of Dawn
The Dragonlance
The Staff of Magius
The Dagger of Magius
The Bloodstone
Spellbooks of Fistandantilus
The Starjewel
Glasses of the Arcanist

Changes to Krynn

The continent of Ansalon is twice as large as published, and where appropriate, simply double the distances indicated on published maps.

Gully dwarves, tinker gnomes, goblins and kender are all comic relief to varying degrees in the Dragonlance saga. Tinker gnomes are rock gnomes, and adventuring gnomes are going to be considered “mad gnomes” by their own people, as they lack an obsession with their Life Quest and don’t live in Mount Nevermind creating ridiculous machinery. I have house rules for kender under Character Creation above. Gully dwarves are not a playable race, and as I think about it, goblins might just take their place in terms of the story.

Main Page

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