Wizards of High Sorcery

The Wizards of High Sorcery stand as the oldest, most feared, and most respected of all the orders of the world of Krynn. These wizards draw upon the focused arcane magic granted by the moons and the gods of magic associated with those moons. They are divided into the orders of the White Robes, Red Robes and Black Robes.

The Order of the White Robes draws its power from the moon Solinari. The members of this order follow the paths of knowledge, wisdom, and the magic of protection. Beyond magic, White Robe Mages are focused on the cause of Good. Often they will assist the forces of Good to defend against the darkness. The Knights of Solamnia in current times have a branch of Good magic users called the Kingfishers.

The Order of the Black Robes draws its power from the moon Nuitari. While members of this order are evil-aligned, they do not cause random destruction for destruction’s sake (such as throwing random fireballs at an unsuspecting village). To do so would jeopardize the magic. Black Robe Mages may be cruel, but they are also cunning. They tend to avoid open acts of violence if more subtle ways can be found. Black Robe Mages seek the quickest route to power possible to satisfy their hunger for magic.

The Order of the Red Robes draws its power from the moon Lunitari. The members of this order follow the paths of illusion and knowledge for knowledge’s sake. The Red Robe Mages are said to have the ultimate loyalty to magic, having no tendencies to lean either towards good or towards evil. Red Robes seek to maintain the Balance.

Wizards of High Sorcery

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