Krynn’s Fourth Age

It would later be known as the Age of Despair. Hundreds of years ago, the gods turned on the world and sent the Cataclysm to destroy it. A great empire sank into what is now the Blood Sea and millions died. Since then, populations have diminished and mistrust has increased between the various races. Each town or city generally looks after its own affairs, and the elves and most of the dwarves have shut themselves off from the outside world. The gods are long gone, though new gods have arisen in cities like Haven.

In recent years there have been rumors of war – always someplace else and almost always only rumors. But most people mind their own business, and don’t concern themselves with foreign affairs.

Until, of course, they have no choice…

(This is now a completed campaign, and I’m currently making all of the hidden stuff public in the event that anyone is interested. I put a lot of time into adapting the Dragonlance War of the Lance setting to 5E, and please feel free to copy and paste and use however you want for your own games)

Age of Despair

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