Otik Sandath

Owner and proprietor of the Inn of the Last Home


Otik is a large, affable man who has run the Inn of the Last Home for as long as he has been an adult. Stories vary as to how he came to be the proprietor, and as he has no children of his own, the general assumption is that the inn will be inherited by his adopted daughter Tika Waylan.

Otik relies on his affability and standing as a well-liked local to manage any conflicts that come up, though this ability has been strained in recent years with the rise of the Theocracy in Haven, Gateway and Solace, with its new gods and new way of doing things.

The Inn of the Last Home is a popular drinking establishment (its only competition is the Trough, both a dive bar and one of the few buildings built on the ground in Solace), even for goblin soldiers under the Fewmaster.


Otik Sandath

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