Theoros Ironfeld

A native to Ergoth, Theoros is a smith and leader in the town of Solace


Theoros Ironfeld arrived in Solace years ago, already an accomplished metalsmith. His coloration indicates that he is from Ergoth, though he does not generally speak about his background. He is one of the few citizens of Solace able to speak up against the Seekers when necessary, and is openly skeptical about their new gods.

Theoros is not only a smith but also something of a dry goods grocer for the town. His shop, which is on the ground for obvious reasons, is thick-walled and well-made, and doubles as his workshop. Though he charges for it, he does supply weapons and armor, and his apprentices make repairs, for the Fewmaster’s men, as well as the various mercenary companies who come through Solace.

After trying to lead an insurrection against Fewmaster Toede, Theoros was wounded and sent away to serve as a slave.

Theoros Ironfeld, LG human 6HD Challenge 1ish

Maybe his silver arm could be a gnomish invention? That makes sense. Or just miraculously healed by a cleric. But the mechanical arm could be the contribution of the Tinker Gnomes.


Theoros Ironfeld

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